Half A** is Better Than No A**


Every time I go to CrossFit, I finish Last. Bikes? Last. Weights? Lightest. Running? Last. Rowing? Last. Sometimes, I cut the workouts short. I totally do. If we are supposed to do 100 box jumps, sometimes, around 75 – I just stop. I can’t do a pull up to save my life and the TTB? Well, I do sit ups on the floor. There are entire weeks when I half ass every damn thing there.

And, I am Proud. I am so totally proud.

What is that you are thinking? Huh? Oh, How is it possible to be proud of doing something “Half Ass?” Do I not have ANY pride? Where is my shame? How could I?! I mean, I get it. I was a world Class Athlete. My mantra for life has been, “Work, don’t Whine!”…and, yet, here I am – talking about the Benefit of Half Ass’ing Something. I promise I haven’t lost my mind. // Stick with me, here.

I’m a Single mom. Business Owner. Leadership Winner. Speaker. Author. I am philanthropic. I rescue dogs. I am Fit. I eat well. I blog. There are a lot of boxes I can check. But, I am nobody special. I am not super talented. There is, however,  a “mild” ferociousness that I attack life with on a daily basis that allows me to achieve some cool stuff.  MILD is the key word. I see those people on social media who always say they are Crushing Everything every damn day. They say that they get up at 4AM, have important meetings all day that will change the world and then go to exciting, amazing events all night. Really? Pleeeeaaaassssse. I read the posts from folks who want you to know that they put 100% into every single thing they do – all the time. Whatever. To be fair, some really are driving around in $200,000 cars that take them to their private jet BUT most people are just trying to find time to get to the grocery store. (Let me have an Amen) Listen, social media isn’t the measuring stick of reality. If that is what you are basing your success level on, you are in for a long road to disappointment. The reality of being successful (At All, Ever) can be found in consistency. The only reason that I have found any level of success in life is that I am a professional Half Ass’er.

It’s like this: I find that most people are waiting for the perfect time, the perfect situation, the perfect activity before they are ever willing to take a step toward an important goal they have.  They  keeping waiting until “the time is right”.  Maybe at the beginning of the school year when the kids are in school? After the Holidays? Or, pick any random birthday,  30..40..50? They tell themselves that they will have more time to focus then. But, really?  Forget it. They will never do it. There will NEVER be a perfect time to work toward their goals. Today is as perfect as it will ever be. Why? The crazy shit in life never stops. Really, it doesn’t. So, rather than wait for it to end – we can all learn to work around it. Embrace it.

My life is full of nonsense. Every day. I refuse to let it derail me. Today, My dog got stuck in the basement and I spent two hours coaxing her out. TWO HOURS. Despite the wasted time, I never stressed about not accomplishing something. My “Mild” Secret is simple: I have two things I do every day. Sometimes, I do them well. Sometimes, not so well. But – I do them – even when the crazy dog gets stuck in the basement for hours.

Check It Out:

#1) After my beloved coffee every morning, I write down three goals that I will accomplish that day.  Not mundane stuff, either. <i.e. Wash Dishes> The goals must be something that will move me TOWARD a bigger goal. Remember the word “Mild?” I use it here. I don’t go crazy with goals. Not even close. I keep them tiny and attainable.

For example, if I am writing a book, I commit to writing one page that day. ONE PAGE. Mild, remember? One Page over the course of a year will help me write two books. See how easy that is? I don’t sit down and write furiously for five days straight. I have stupid sh** to do as well, like laundry and dishes, so the goals can’t take too much of my time or I won’t ever do them.


#2) I move my body.  It’s not always a great effort and I don’t always even want to do it. I am no longer the  fastest, strongest, or most ferocious.  I “Half Ass” almost everything – but I keep showing up every single day to Half Ass…and that is the key.  Crossfit, Yoga, Walking, Running, Stairs, Whatever. But, I do it.

When I get to the end of the day, I am fulfilled. Regardless what the day threw at me, I end it  feeling  like I accomplished something that moved me forward. I still did all the other thankless stuff, too – but I MADE PROGRESS.  I may not have crushed everything  but, because I was consistent, I moved the bar. And, that is a one hell of a lot better than waiting for that elusive perfect day that You can begin the elusive perfect journey to great accomplishment.


Set Three Simple Goals a Day.  Do Them. Commit to 30 minutes of exercise a day. Do that. Half Ass all of it if need be but…DO IT.  3 Goals and a Sweat. Every Day. It will change your life. And, when you don’t want to – or you don’t think the time is right, just remember, Half Ass is better than No Ass.


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