Personal Defense

Keep It Real


Real Food. Everyday.

I always have women ask me what they can do to keep themselves safe. And, every time, my VERY first answer is: Get Healthy. Be Fit. Eat Well. You can’t be strong if you aren’t healthy. You can’t fight if you aren’t healthy. And, yet – so few take their Fitness and Fuel seriously.

Trust me. Your FUEL matters. So – lose the junk food. Lose the sugar. Lose the refined and pre-packaged food. Lose the Fad Diets.

Keep it Real.


Whole Foods Brand / Basic White Fish/ Whole Wheat Basil Pasta with Olive Oil.

  • Fish: Sprinkle Sea Salt – Drizzle Lemon. Wrap in Foil. Grill 7 minutes and Med Flame.
  • Pasta: Boil Pasta, drizzle Olive Oil, Add Fresh Basil and Sea Salt.


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