The backbone of all 364 programs is the concept of the “Plus 1”. It refers to giving back – in whatever way you can – at least once per day for 364 days. I am a huge fan of philanthropic action as it is the kindness of the human spirit that keeps the world revolving in a productive and truly progressive manner.


Regardless which 364 Program you are involved with, the “Plus 1” can be found at the bottom of the Formula. (364 + 1)


Everyone’s “Plus 1” will be different. It can be carrying someone’s groceries to their car, helping someone pay a bill, writing a kind note, even giving a compliment to an individual who deserves it. Many people want to focus on the negative aspects of life. This is an opportunity to bring the goodness of it back to the top – on a daily.


What is my “Plus 1”?


I am wholly committed to the Be The One program created by one my personal hero’s, Dawn Heideman. For more information on this incredible program, please take a moment to watch this Video honoring her as a Jefferson Award Winner 2017.  If you are interested in donating your time or resources to this cause, please reach out.  << 100% of fund donated go to these teens >>


Join me on my Plus 1 – or go create your own. Most of all, just go one step above yourself. Find your “Plus 1”!